About Us

What we are:
a very small publishing house, or rather a microscopic publishing house, or even better, a publishing hut, or even a publishing tent. That’s it, a publishing sleeping bag doesn’t sound good.

What we are not:
what we don’t want to be.

What we do:
a few books that aren’t serious enough to be taken seriously by serious people and not much else, besides the debts that make up a large part of the production.

What we publish:
everything that is beautiful, everything that pleases us but not necessarily the market: by going against the most basic principles of marketing, failure is assured, but in any case success wouldn’t have gone to out head, since it is still buried under the sand.
Our concept of beauty generally includes everything that goes in the opposite direction to social conventions but towards conviction; especially everything that is fun, divergent, evolutionary and poetical, which is also a bit ethical but not too much.

What we do not publish:
sacred books of any kind, especially if they are considered as such by the authors.

Our motto:
it is better to be amateurs working professionally than professionals working amateurishly.

What the real publishers would say about us:
we are hilarious.
That would be a great compliment to us.

Where to buy our books:
we would like to know that, too; any related suggestions, especially from bookshops, are purely welcome. While we clean our minds, you can write to info@nepturanus.com: we will reply in unreal time.